As Cenacle Sisters, Auxiliaries and Associates, we bring to our prayer for others a deep interior life based on faith and humility.  This heritage is being freshly articulated by us here in North America in our desire to be a contemplative presence, visible and accessible. It is in the spirit of this longing that we pray with you for the prayer requests that you entrust to us.

God of love and goodness,
we ask you to bless those
for whom we have promised to pray,
as well as those
who have entrusted these intentions to us,
for we hold this entrusting
as a tender and precious charge.

May they know that your love
surrounds them and fills them.

We beg you to console those who are in sorrow,
to heal the ill,
to guide the perplexed,
and to pour out your peace on all.

May those who weep be comforted,
and may those who rejoice continue to find joy in you.

We implore you to do for them and for us
what we cannot do for ourselves,
for we are yours,
and we are held in your heart and in your hand.

We pray through Christ our Lord.

– Sr. Rose Hoover, r.c.

Take joy in knowing God hears all our prayers.

When we receive your request, all of us in the Cenacle Family will be praying for and with you.

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