Ministry at the Cenacle

Our mission, in union with the mission of the universal church, is directed toward the awakening and deepening of faith with and for the people of our times.

We engage in this mission through our life of prayer, community and ministry.
Our ministry takes various forms, including retreats, spiritual direction,
directed retreats and adult faith formation.

Impelled by the love of Christ

and concern for a world in need, we give ourselves with all our strength to making the gospel known so that it may become a source of life for everyone. (CONSTITUTIONS #6)

From the early days of the Cenacle Congregation, retreats especially those according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, have been central to the ministry. Retreats offer sacred moments in time when God’s grace transforms lives. The Cenacle has always been regarded as a place where people seek a deeper relationship with God. As an essential part of their mission, Cenacle Sisters have been privileged to accompany persons on their spiritual journey.

Our Ministry

Online Retreats & Workshops

The Cenacle offers a variety of spiritually rich retreats and interactive workshops that enliven our mission, that provide sustenance to an individual’s life of faith. Please visit our Program Page to view our current offerings or to inquire about the retreats in which you are most interested. Thank you.

Our aim is to make the Gospel known to people of our time by ministry confided to us. We must ourselves be caught up by the love of Jesus Christ since our lives, far more than our words, must speak clearly of Christ.

Online Retreatant Testimonials

“Joan is a very gifted Spiritual Director and works very well with the Zoom group , timing, and connecting with everyone in a meaningful manner.”
"I was very impressed with the ability to do breakout groups and the quality of the video meditations. Also, I have been associated with the Ronkonkoma Cenacle since the 80’s attending many retreats, assisting with retreats and conducting Spiritual Direction there. So happy to be able to continue via Zoom and Chicago."
"The women who attended the retreat were inspired and filled with grace to share their personal spiritual journeys."
"Joan McGovern facilitated as well as encouraged each of us to participate within the retreat. The retreat was extremely holistic encounter. 🤗"
"[I] Liked sharing and hearing how other hear God's voice"
"Happy to have access to something this helpful."
"I learned from and enjoyed the content. I appreciate Mark and Joan keeping us on track regarding time/topic. I work full-time; these retreats are meaningful, down-to-earth useful, and just the right amount of time for my schedule. But I could also block out half a day."
"Very informative and simple tips on gaining the most from meditations."

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