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Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography: Reflecting upon “Your Infinitely Rich Life”


In a journal entry, Thomas Merton encouraged himself (and us, his readers) to consider life “as infinitely rich, full of inexhaustible interest”; in doing so, we are ushered into the “infinite possibilities” of learning more about ourselves and our God.

T. S. Eliot wrote poetically that responding to “this Love” and “this Calling,” we explore the grand adventure that is our lives.

Those two insights sound like the basis for writing a spiritual autobiography. So, during our time together, we will use the wisdom of Merton and Eliot as foundational. Spiritual observations from other writers will augment our process. Participants will be encouraged: thinking about your life is worthwhile. You can write your spiritual autobiography. You have a story to tell. We can’t guarantee who might read your autobiography, but the act of contemplating the gift that is your life has intrinsic value.

The retreat will provide the structure, prompts, and time to begin (or continue) writing your spiritual autobiography as a response to God’s invitation.

This is a 2.5-hour retreat on Zoom that includes dialogue and group discussion; there are no refunds issued after the Zoom link is provided. Retreat materials and the Zoom login information will not be provided until approximately 5 business days prior to an event.

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Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott is a Professor Emerita of English who has had years of experience teaching literature, writing, and cinema.

Lee’s life-long interest in the Holocaust resulted in many articles, classes, presentations, and a book, Imagery from Genesis in Holocaust MemoirsA Critical Study (McFarland Publishing). In the book, she explored the theological implications arising from Scriptural allusions made by survivors in their autobiographies. She co-authored the successful play, TAKEN AWAY; the one-act drama for young people examines the corrosive effect of prejudice and hate in pre-war Nazi Germany. She has written a Middle Grade novel inspired by the play’s characters and circumstances. She has four published children’s picture books about her pets (Taylor and Seale Publishing). Lee and her playwriting colleague have co-created a new play about those pets, which will be performed this Spring for elementary school students: A MITZVAH FOR DAISY.

Lee is an Auxiliary of the Cenacle. She has given a variety of workshops on writing, as well as on the spirituality of books and cinema, at the Cenacle and to numerous church groups.

January 12, 2022
Facilitated by: Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott
1:00 PM Central

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